Thursday, September 2, 2010

A bit more about mind mapping

The link to the Freemind software is below. There are many other mind mapping programs available on the Internet. I like that one. It is free, but, like I said, there are many alternatives. Use whatever you want, including paper and pen. ... The most important advice I think I can give you on this mind-mapping exercise is to start with a compelling historical anecdote. You can work backward, meaning you have a great storytelling technique as an idea and then go and try to find the anecdote to fit it, but I think the organic way is a simpler and more natural way (if there is an organic / natural way to do this). So I suggest looking for a slice of history at the Village that really inspires you to bring it to life. Then, start thinking about all of the possibilities the mobile device affords. For example, I became interested in the Hawaiian influx at the site, then started to find characters and stories in the historical record, then started thinking of ways to bring those elements to life through the mobile form, through audio, video, photographs, animation, quizzes, user interaction, etc. For more on that work so far, and the Fort Vancouver Mobile project in general, please look over this behind-the-scenes journal,


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