Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Creative Media and Digital Culture program objectives

These goals represent the core mission of the CMDC program. Please take the time to read them carefully:

"Program of Study
The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program offers a major and a formal minor in Digital Technology and Culture (DTC). Additionally, students pursuing a BA in the Humanities or a BA in Social Sciences can select the DTC as a primary or secondary area of concentration. In all cases, The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program teaches students to conceptualize interactive, multimedia applications of computer technology and think critically about digital media and the ways humans interact and engage with them. At the completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Technology and Culture, students should be able to:
1. Demonstrate competency with computers for designing and distributing digital works in various mediums for effective human-computer interactions
2. Synthesize media forms for multimedia contexts
3. Employ the principles of visual form for sophisticated image manipulation
4. Understand the production and assessment of media objects
5. Know the basics of information architecture and knowledge management along with ways digital information can be structured for retrieval and archival for different purposes and audiences
6. Question the way digital media functions in multiple cultural contexts
7. Recognize various forms of language processing and their implications for media authoring
8. Appreciate the history of technological development, from local to global perspectives, and its implications for a variety of mediums
9. Utilize an interdisciplinary perspective in order to understand the basics of social, economic, and education changes brought about by digital media
10. Be practiced and capable communicators in all mediums"

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